Doily Flower Lace

Doily Flower Lace


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Lace with Elegance, beauty and gorgeousness….

                                                        Are these the words that describe your first impression

                                                                   on the Doily Flower Lace business card?


                                                                                   We made lace design inspired by flowers and leaves from trees.

                                                                                                          The lace design is very therapeutic.

                                                                               When you stare at the design, you will feel the calm in your mind.

                                                                                  Here are some details about the doily flower lace business card.


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Many of our customers  love our products because it stands out from any other ordinary business card.

This business card can be used in various fields,

which is one of the specialties of our lace business cards.

This product has flower lace patterns.

We also used the images of flowers to design the patterns.

We strongly recommend this design

for those in the field of beauty, health, fashion and spa.

                                                                                 Your name, phone numbers and addresses can be shown on the back side of the card.

                                                                                     You do not have to put all of them. Customizing is our main job for the customers.

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Company names or other names can be inserted on the front.

Under the main name, key words such as main services or products can be written.

If you are a designer or stylist, this card design will be a great pick for you.

                                                                                                                  This card will give a strong impression to your customers.

                                                                                    Also, the material of the card is very strong, so it will not easily get bent nor crushed.


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You can choose the color by your taste.

DioMioPrint consider customer’s request as  a priority in our business.


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Do not hesitate and start the new uniqueness with us, DioMioPrint company.

We will be responsible for our designs and do our best to meet your personal tastes.


For any inquiries, feel free to contact us anytime to get fresh start off with your business!

Messenger(Kakaotalk, Line): ohd0325